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A3 Kiruna Topography Plotter Drawing

A3 Kiruna Topography Plotter Drawing

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A3 sized drawing on French Paper Construction Steel Blue card stock, in white ink. 

Print is shipped in a large flat envelope; it is not shipped with hanger frame (hanger frames are cheap, I promise you). Ships in April. 

An iron mine near Kiruna, a city in northern Sweden near a large iron mine, has been described in recent media reports as also home to "the largest" deposit of rare earth elements in Europe. Whether this is entirely the case or necessarily newsworthy is a matter of interpretation; regardless, the city of Kiruna has already had their lives quite literally upended by mining in the area as much of the city's structures have had to be physically relocated to avoid being swallowed thanks to subsidence from the iron mine. The area is also home to indigenous Samí people whose livelihoods may be impacted by the expansion of local mining projects.

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